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Analyses, design and realization of thermal systems.

DEMCON kryoz delivers innovative cooling solutions. We have extensive experience and know-how on cooling-system design and hardware. Our services stretch from creating cooling solutions using mechanical (Stirling/Pulse tube), Joule-Thomson and thermoelectric coolers to cryostats/dewars, heat exchanger design and overall thermal management.


Extensive (low-temperature) thermal expertise

(Cryogenic) cooling processes, (cryo)coolers, heat switches, energy transfer & rejection, heat sinking, impact of material & gas properties.

System aspects may include:

  • (Cryogenic) cooling processes
  • Passive & active (cryo)coolers
  • Heat switches and heat sinking
  • (Counter-flow) heat exchangers & regenerators
  • Energy transfer & rejection
  • Impact of material & gas properties at (extreme) low temperatures

Multi-physics overall system modeling

Thermal-fluidic, stress-drift dynamic lumped element models.

To fully understand and optimize the thermal system, we can provide simulations of the fluidic and thermal behavior of the system using our internally developed LEM (lumped element method) approach. Additionally, even more detailed aspects of the system can be modelled using FEM/CFD models in which DEMCON bunova is specialized.

Vacuum & compressor technologies

Custom vacuum chambers, sorption compression, feed-throughs, carbon getters and long-life vacuum.

DEMCON kryoz has much experience with vacuum technology. We design and realize various vacuum systems and can assemble them, if necessary, under cleanroom conditions.
  • Fully customized vacuum chambers
  • Electrical, optical & fluidical feed-throughs
  • Long-life vacuum without active pumping

System integration

Design, integration and realization of thermal solutions (e.g. electron microscopes, space satellites, medical diagnostic equipment, industrial hardware). Our (cryogenic) cooling solutions are often part of larger (high-tech) systems. This often means we should optimize the cooling system for aspects including:

  • (Very) limited volume claim
  • Vibration & drift restrictions
  • Low thermal impact on the surrounding system
  • Specific sample loading procedures

Additionally, since Kryoz is part of the DEMCON Group, much know-how and experience with very complex total system integration is directly available. Look at some examples…

DEMCON multiphysics

Creating optimized (cryo)cooling solutions often requires very detailed analyses of specific system parts. Demcon multiphysics offers high-end virtual simulation (FEM/CFD) facilities and has high-end expertise in the area of heat transfer, fluid dynamics and structural analysis. Demcon multiphysics has as a broad knowledge and experience area, with experts that are each specialized in a specific competence domain. Especially where disciplines cross, and knowledge of different areas is needed, Demcon multiphysics offers an added value.


During cooling system realization, DEMCON kryoz is often supported by Demcon. Demcon is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, with as focus areas high-tech, medical and robotic. Now with more than 750 employees, Demcon has extensive knowledge of mechatronic systems and control, high-tech system prototyping and (small-series) production.

Demcon is certified for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

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