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Feasibility study of environmental friendly domestic house heating and hot water supply. Making use of solar collectors and earth heat to achieve more self-sustainable domestic living.

Motivation of using LEM:

This system results in a large set of model variables and dynamic system behaviour. Total system optimization is not possible when using “classical” approaches such as hand or FEM/CFD calculations. Additionally, FEM/CFD models are time consuming and not all geometry data is available.


System overview domestic houses

Approach and model:

When using lumped element analysis (LEM), only global specifications of the (sub)systems, such as thermal and fluidic interfaces, have to take be taken into account. Using our extensive Simulink Thermal and Fluidic Library, we can easily model thermal and hydraulic systems. This results in detailed simulations of the total thermal & fluidic management of any system.

LEM domestic houses


Using the results of these simulations, we can define an optimal system layout or pin-point specific aspects of the system which require special attention. Results include a fast and modular model to optimize the subsystems and overall system.

Main model output
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