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Hospitals and pharma industry require cryo-storage and transport of medicines and bio-samples. Because of a growing demand of cryo-storage, a concept of a cryogenically cooled transport trailer needed to be designed.
Due to the required high thermal stability and relatively very low (-50 degrees Celsius) temperature, thermal control is challenging. A complete thermal management system for a cryogenic transport trailer was designed.

Prototype truck


The trailer thermal management is modelled in a dynamic LEM model to achieve insight in all thermal losses over a long period of time (days). In the model, the continuous changing surroundings (day and night) are taken into account. Design optimization for the trailer is conducted and required cooling power is determined for multiple climate conditions. A compact and energy efficient cooling cycle with high COP is designed.

LEM model cool cycle


Stable temperature control is achieved within 2 degrees Celsius, running standalone on a single integrated diesel engine. Performance is met up to outside temperatures of +40 degrees Celsius over a long period of time.

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