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High-tech custom (cryogenic) cooling solutions. Analyses, design and realization of thermal systems.



Off-the-shelf products for low-temperature analyses and measurements of e.g. HTS, Seebeck samples and SQUIDs.

DEMCON kryoz: the market standard in custom and off-the-shelf innovative cooling systems.

Low-temperature Cooling Transport (-50 Degrees Celsius) Prototype

Low-temperature cooling transport (-50 degrees Celsius) prototype

Goal: Hospitals and pharma industry require cryo-storage and transport of medicines and bio-samples. Because of…

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Development Of A Miniature Long-life Vacuum Chamber

Development of a miniature long-life vacuum chamber

Goal: To realize a miniature long-life vacuum chamber without active pumping for in-field use of…

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High-power Cryogenic Cooling Of Laser Cutter Head

High-power cryogenic cooling of laser cutter head

Goal: High laser power can cause thermal stresses on the optical lens that is positioned…

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About us

At DEMCON kryoz we work with our passion for innovative cooling technology and solutions. We deliver custom and off-the-shelf cooling solutions globally, enabling our customers to push boundaries in high-tech industries. Solving challenges in various applications areas  including the medical, aerospace and academic field.

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