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Low-temperature Cooling Transport (-50 Degrees Celsius) Prototype

Low-temperature cooling transport (-50 degrees Celsius) prototype

Goal: Hospitals and pharma industry require cryo-storage and transport of medicines and bio-samples. Because of…

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Chalmers University – SQUID Cryocooler

Chalmers University – SQUID cryocooler

"The CryoLab MSG is a very promising technology for cooling of high-Tc SQUIDs in practical applications."…

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Lumped Element Analyses Of Hot Water Supply For Domestic Houses.

Lumped element analyses of hot water supply for domestic houses.

Goal: Feasibility study of environmental friendly domestic house heating and hot water supply. Making use…

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High-power Cryogenic Cooling Of Laser Cutter Head

High-power cryogenic cooling of laser cutter head

Goal: High laser power can cause thermal stresses on the optical lens that is positioned…

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Stirling Cooling Platform

Stirling cooling platform

Stirling cooling solution for a nitrogen gas compressor. Stirling cooling solution for liquefying extremely high purity…

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System Thermal & Fluidic- Modeling

System thermal & fluidic- modeling

Cryogenic and thermal system modelling and optimization. Demcon kryoz uses an extensive Simulink library to…

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FEI ThermoFisher – EM Sample Cooling

FEI ThermoFisher – EM sample cooling

Zero vibration micro-cooling technology Cryocooling technology that matches the important aspects of using cryogenics in…

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QSIL (f.n.a. Philips Lighting) – Thermal Management 3d Glass Printer

QSIL (f.n.a. Philips Lighting) – Thermal management 3d glass printer

Goal: These days, 3D printing can be done with a great many different and extraordinary…

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DKMS And Twente University – Cooling For Medical System

DKMS and Twente University – Cooling for medical system

Micro-cooling integration in non-invasive localization system for breast cancer diagnostics.   During a collaboration with De…

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ESA – IR Cooler

ESA – IR cooler

Custom cryocooler for IR sensors in space applications. A system a that can endure the…

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Server Cooling Optimization Without Liquid Coolant

Server cooling optimization without liquid coolant

Goal: Optimization of heat transfer from server CPU to heat sink with limited space available.…

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Development Of A Miniature Long-life Vacuum Chamber

Development of a miniature long-life vacuum chamber

Goal: To realize a miniature long-life vacuum chamber without active pumping for in-field use of…

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(UH) Vacuum Technology

(UH) Vacuum technology

(UH) Vacuum technology DEMCON kryoz has much experience with vacuum technology. We design and realize…

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Peltier / TEC Heat Sink

Peltier / TEC heat sink

TEC / Peltier cooling solution for fast thermal cycling Cooling solution for heat sinking a…

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