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DEMCON kryoz is part of the DEMCON Group and specialized in cryogenics.

Kryoz was founded by dr. ir. P. Lerou in 2008 to develop fully integrated micro-cryogenic cooling solutions. Delivering unique commercial solutions for laboratory and in-field use. MSc. Erik-Jan de Hoon joined as an entrepreneurial partner in 2010, giving the capability to focus on development projects.

In 2014, the first CryoLab came to market. The world’s first plug&play desktop sized cryogenic cooler. Resulting in new market possibilities for material research and SQUIDs. A merger with DEMCON is established in 2016 leading to DEMCON kryoz. Combining Kryoz Technologies’ unique products and competences with DEMCON, an established high-tech systems supplier. Accelerating growth of cooling services and compact cryogenic solutions.

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